Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sarah McCoy

Singer songwriter Sarah McCoy's soulful voice will send chills down your back. Sarah's talent is so obvious from the first few notes you hear.

Of course the comparisons to other influences are there if you really listen. However, what I think is amazing is that Sarah McCoy is able to use whatever brought her to this place, to create HER OWN style and sound. And that as you know music lovers, is something to be thankful for in this era of "corporate" pre-packaged music. Her fantastic ability to play and song write are not seen often these days. Sarah McCoy is one unique artist that will not disappoint.

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Sarah's incredibly emotional and powerful voice, simply beautiful piano work, and well crafted lyrics are a treat not to be missed.

Sarah is currently living in Monterey County California. Stay tuned for upcoming shows, CD's and tours.

To find Sarah check out the following Links.
Link To Her Myspace Page. Check out her page for tour dates.
Live On You Tube
Sarah Live At Monterey Live.
Rocking Monterey Live



A Review of Sarah McCoy's show in the Weekly.


Shannon said...

awesome post :)

Shannon said...

aiting for more of your awesome taste in music :)